Testimonials & Comments




On my first visit to Brian's Bio-energy clinic my energy levels were seriously low and I was unable to engage in even the mildest form of exercise without becoming ill. Over time, and following further sessions I began to feel my energy levels increase and the periods between bouts of illness became longer. It is now a year and a half since I have been seriously ill in hospital and I am enjoying cycling, walking and social dancing once again.


Maureen, Galway

Could not describe in words the fantastic work this lady does she is so powerful in the work she does I would highly recommend her and she has really helped me out over the last year. Well worth the vist. Keep up the great work you do Maire and be proud of yourself

Katie, Limerick


I started going to Brian around two years ago with foot problems. He treated them and they have never troubled me since. I noticed that after the sessions my overall health improved and my spirits were lifted. I also had a lump on my wrist which disappeared after the treatments. I have returned to Brian for treatment since then for an injury as a result of a car crash, which has also greatly improved. 
Bridie, Roscommon
Marie is a wonderful healer and is very accomplished at her craft. I have been to her for 5 sessions and have found her method of treatment both empowering and enlightening. She is very intuitive and can read the patient and their inner workings so well. I have recommended her to many already and will continue to do so!
Susanne, Cork


I went to Brian in his  clinic because I was suffering from constant headaches and an MRI scan had shown nothing. I decided to give Bio-Energy a try even though I didn't know a lot about it and was a bit skeptical.


On the first session Brian went through what would happen over the four days and began the treatment. I found the session to be very relaxing and Brian told me that I had areas of blocked energy in back, arm and leg. I slept great that night and after the second session I did notice that I had more energy.


Brian continued to work with my energy system and told me about some changes I should make to my diet and gave me some breathing exercises which I find very helpful. 


After I had finished the four sessions I did feel I have a lot more energy and I now have no headaches which is great. I found this treatment good and I would do it again.


Thanks Brian

Finola, Galway

Fabulous gifted person . Marie makes you feel at ease and found the sessions so beneficial ...Wishing you continuing success.

Irene, Cork



I visited Brian Mc Conway, a Bio-Energy therapist at his clinic in Co. Roscommon. I had been suffering with a back spasm which was quite painful and had limited me to very little movement. I had also been suffering with mild anxiety which a doctor had informed me was related to my back pain but said he could do nothing for me.
I was with Brian for four consecutive days. After the first day my back had greatly improved, although I was still getting twinges in my lower back. After my second visit my back pain was gone completely. Brian then focused on my anxiety. I felt incredibly cold during my session and Brian explained that it was the energy moving. I was very tired after the second, third and fourth sessions. After day four I felt much better and my anxiety had gone.
To date, I have no anxiety and no back pain and with Brian's advice I am very mindful of what I eat and the supplements I take.
I would highly recommend Bio-Energy and in particular, Brian Mc Conway to anyone who is suffering with any physical or mental pain. It was so effective for me.
Benny, Roscommon
I went to Brian's clinic with a problem arising from a hip replacement. He greatly helped to improve my alignment and reduce the pain. He has also helped me to gain more mobility with my neck and shoulders using Cupping and Acupuncture. I also feel better overall in myself. 
Willie, Roscommon
Marie is brilliant at what she does very talented and I wish her the best of luck and success!
Fionnuala, Cork

In this next case we can see that energy work is not just for us humans. It can also have a profound effect on animals.

I have been friends with Brian for many years and I knew he was doing amazing things with energy and healing, but I had not really experienced it first hand until a few weeks ago.


My 7 year old cat was extremely sick and in stage 4 renal kidney failure. She was near death. Desperate, I contacted Brian and asked if it was possible to help her, and if he could do anything. Brian started working on her energy and was able to tune in and “see” what was going on inside her using Kinesiology. He verified details the veterinarian was telling me. She had stopped eating and needed an emergency stay overnight in the hospital hooked up to an IV. When I went to get her the vet said he wasn’t sure she would survive the weekend.

Brian carried out a couple of treatments and I immediately noticed a change. She started eating a little more… She slowly started getting better. Then there was a dive when she got worse while the energy work was being done. Brian said it was her body adjusting to the new frequencies.

The next couple days she started slowly getting better and better. Then this morning I received a call with last Saturday’s blood work results. The Vet was shocked. He said that her results.. were NORMAL. That she had no signs of kidney failure and that in all his years practicing he had NEVER seen an animal come back from stage 4 renal failure. He said I have a blessed cat and that this was indeed a medical miracle.

So right now… My cat is healthy… one life shorter… but I am in full belief that this was Brian and his energy work. I am blessed for knowing him. He saved my best friend. There is so much we do not know or understand with the universe. Miracles do happen. Just because someone tells you there is no hope… does not mean you can’t be the exception to that rule. You can be that one miracle that defies logical belief. I have seen it… my cat has lived it…and I am forever a believer in what Brian can do.


Thank you Brian.



This is a excerpt from the Mairead Mc Wellness Blog. 

Brian is another therapist who I attend weekly. He is based in Strokestown and I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered his talents, right on my doorstep! Brian is trained in Bio-Energy, kinesiology, Qi-gong, acupuncture, cupping therapy and more. He now works with his partner Marie Dillane who is equally talented and I have been lucky to receive a couple of appointments with her too. They make a great team and do combined treatments when they can, which makes for a double healing experience. When I first started going to Brian, he identified times in my life where my body felt a trauma. These experiences were locked in at the time and never released. He would say to me ‘did something happen when you were 18?’. It might come to me straight away or I might have to go home and think about it. He identified a lot of these life events which I would then take to my counsellor and discuss in what Brian called ‘talk therapy’. He identified things my conscious mind had forgotten had happened but my body hadn’t. It is remarkable really what he can pick up on. I worked through a lot of things with Mary which had come up with Brian. A true synergistic approach to healing old wounds.

Marie has a beautiful gentle approach to healing, she is so generous with her knowledge and time. I felt so comfortable during treatments, the release of emotions and the overwhelming feelings of love and light during the session is profoundly moving. Marie has the most sincere compassion, love and kindness. Marie unlocked memories from my childhood which allowed me to work through issues that were holding me back from creating the life I wanted. I now truly love and respect myself. I make healthier choices for myself. I'm a better wife and mother. I have cut the emotional cords with people that have been holding me back. My life has changed in every way, mind body and soul. I have a renewed energy and love of life that I haven't experiences in 9 years. Marie has an intuitive gift of knowing exactly what your body is calling out for. Make the investment in yourself, allow yourself the gift of this beautiful healing. Thank you Marie .

House clearing:

I asked Brian and Marie to clear my home of geopathic stress, the main reason was that we were feeling so unwell, I felt that my energy drained when I came home, my youngest had nightmares every night and over the past few years I had lost all interest in my home. We are self employed and have weathered a very difficult recession, working very hard and getting nowhere, just hanging on by the skin of our teeth. The energy in our home despite our best efforts was not comfortable, I used to go for a drive with the children just to get out of the house.
The house clearing was non invasive, Brian and Marie have a respect and reverence for our home. It took about two hours, I didn't need to move any furniture like I thought I would.
The changes in our home are wonderful. The children don't argue as much, no more nightmares. Our business is doing really

Well. I no longer feel sick when dealing with bills and finances. I have become a lot more organised and have decluttered all the rooms. We are so much happier as a family, its like a dark cloud has been lifted. I have become a lot more creative. I no longer feel like I need a holiday from my home. It feels like home.