The concept of the energy field can seem strange to some people but as they experience the therapy they are left in no doubt of its existence. If you think about it in the way that pain cannot be seen either nor does it physically exist in a solid form, but yet we all know when we are experiencing it without having to think twice. If we then think about pain as blocked energy in the body and that releasing this blockage can result in relief, and eventually the pain ceasing to exist.


When we look at emotions, we can also view them as expressions of energy in the body. Emotions we experience are connected to physiological responses in the body and can directly affect our physical and psychological well-being. What we are talking about here is the effect of emotions on the body which can range from hugely traumatic experiences to the stresses and strains which we all experience on a daily basis. Constant stress on the body will keep the sympathetic nervous system overactive which is responsible for the "Fight-or-Flight" response. This diverts a lot of the energy and blood flow away from the digestive system and the self-repair mechanisms of the body to the limbs and increases the stress hormones. When you divert blood flow away from the digestive system, you also divert the oxygen and nutrients from being delivered to the cells. I'm sure you have heard of the saying "Worrying yourself sick". 


In our clinic we often see that the view of emotions is that it must have to be a hugely negative experience to impact the physical body in any significant way, but all emotions and stress have an effect on the body. If we look at this from the view of the subconscious mind and say that everything we experience is recorded by the subconscious mind, right up to you reading these words now, then the idea of cumulative stresses adding up to present a situation of imbalance in the body presenting itself in the form of an illness for example begins to seem more logical. Regardless of the amount or severity of these experiences, the residue that is left by these experiences which is affecting the body must be cleared before we can move forward with our lives again. 





We are both qualified practitioners in Bio-Energy Therapy, Acupuncture (Fractal, Chrono & N.A.D.A.), Corrective Sound Program, Cupping Therapy & Gua Sha.  

We are also fully qualified Hidden Mind Corrective Sound Practitioners. In addition to that we are also Qigong Instructors. 


In our roles as a practitioners we aim to unlock the self-repair/healing capabilities of the body through the balancing of the energetic systems of the body. The current state of the energetic system can be accessed through methods of Kinesiology and balanced using the specific protocols we use in our clinic.

It becomes apparent that two people showing the same symptoms may have very different underlying causes so each person is treated as an individual rather than just according to the name of the condition they have been labelled with. The energetic system contains information which tells the body how to perform at a very deep level and when this system becomes blocked and unbalanced it can manifest on a physical level.


During a treatment our clients can experience different sensations as the process progresses. The energy field is usually not visible without special equipment but yet it exists around and within the body and sensations such as hot/cold feelings and tingling may be experienced during the process. 

Brian Mc Conway & Marie Dillane